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Airjack is by far the most advanced and practical lifting device on the market because of its unique properties.

  • Airjack needs only compressed air from the trailer air tank, no electricity, no hydraulics
  • The starting point of the design is safety
  • The operation speed and power are achieved by using the leg gearbox
  • It is easy and fast to install in all semi-trailers, new or retrofitted
  • Maximum torque is 75 Nm and lifting capacity ca. 15 tons depending on the landing gear model
  • Landing gear goes down in ca. 10 seconds
  • Steady and vertical torque extends the lifespan of the landing gear
  • Installation of Airjack doesn't cause any changes in the landing gear
  • Special locking system to prevent theft of Airjack
  • Fits to most landing gear models just by changing the mounting plate
  • In special situations (for example failure of the device), Airjack can easily be used manually with the help of a special connector provided with the device

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